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Meet Nisan

Our Humble Beginnings

My career in beauty started way before I knew it had begun.  Working as  a beauty advisor was just a gateway to a colorful career as a makeup artist.  Touching someone's face was such a fulfilling task, even if only for the Christmas season.  Face after face, interaction after interaction I quickly realized that makeup artistry  was my passion.  With an extensive career in sales, customer service and management I was blessed with the opportunity too reinvent myself through the art of beauty.  After enrolling in the Aveda Institute I graduated top of my class and instantly began working as an Esthetician.  Two years later I was encouraged by my clients and mentor to explore the world of entrepreneurship.  With the support of my family and friends Queen City Beauty Loft was established.  My passion for makeup artistry led to a desire to not only enhance someone's natural beauty but to also educate them on how to take care of their skin.  

Favorit Quote

Let the beauty of what you love be what you do.    ~Rumi~

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